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In order for an MC/RC/MA to qualify for application into the coalition the group must have a minimum of 4 members although 6 would be ideal. This could include Prospects/Strikers as they have already demonstrated a level of commitment that they are moving up. During the required 2 year probationary period it is anticipated that the group will have enough time to acquire and build their respective club to 6 or more members. 6 is the minimum requirement to achieving full membership status within the coalition.
Once approved for a probation period into the MCMC the applicant (Club/group) will be expected to have attendance at all coalition meetings. It is also expected of them to be visible within the motorcycle coalition community as well, always making every effort to have representation at the various events. It can be difficult for a coalition to represent your club when nobody knows who they are except in name only. Signing on with the coalition and then never being visible or participating at any events leaves the potential for a club/groups membership being terminated.
During the 2 year probation period the said club will not have any voting privileges. Like any Prospect/Striker in a club they are recognized as a new addition who are in the learning and growing stages of their club and learning how the coalition overall operates and functions. Having a vote on critical matters when they are still in the learning phase can be counterproductive due to inexperience. This does not imply that they will not have a voice. All opinions and positions on important matters need to be considered and the input of a new club is still valid and deserves to be heard.
In the case of Independents there will be no probation period required as they are not applying for any club status. For the duration of their membership they will not have any vote when it comes to matters that pertain directly to clubs. For example, a vote on a new club applicant and patch design reviews. Clubs have the final say as they determine if the applicant is within compliance of the protocols set forth. Independents do not adhere to the club lifestyle from a commitment perspective and may not always understand the positions clubs have. When it comes to voting in board members Independents will be permitted to both nominate and participate in the voting. However, no independent may sit on the board. 
The intent and purpose for welcoming independents into the coalition is the recognition that they too can be unfairly targeted simply for associating with the various clubs. On occasion independents have attended and participated in various club runs/functions and have been the victim of bogus tickets and abuse of due process by law enforcement. Allowing them to participate in membership within the coalition allows for them to also come under the wing of protection if or when the coalition has to address law enforcement improprieties through legal action via the court system.

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