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What many people do not understand is that MC’s have had to fight for every inch of ground to get to the place where they are at. Each member of every club has invested their blood, sweat and tears into their respective clubs. They have worked hard at establishing them and earning the respect of the MC community and, like any Prospect/Striker has to do to achieve his own status, MC’s have earned their spot. So when a group of weekend warrior types decides to fly a 3 piece or an MC on their backs because they were inspired by a TV show and want to cop attitude to feed their egos in order to portray some Hollywood image without going through the due process this can unfairly bring negative attention to the other MC’s. The coalition seeks to eliminate the negative image by weeding out the “wannabe’s”. If a group is serious about whom they want to become as a club than they will be quite willing to earn their place just like everyone else.

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