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The first and foremost requirement to becoming a member within the MCMC is that your respective club must be recognized as a legitimate club by the already existing clubs from within the MCMC. Any full patch wearing member or their Prospects/Strikers (Those who are on probationary status working towards full membership within their club) are welcome to be a part of the MCMC.
This would include any new MC/RC’s that have approached the coalition and are on probation for entering into full membership within the coalition.
In the case of independents seeking membership the applicant must have a member from one of the coalition clubs willing to vouch for them. An independent coalition member can also vouch for another independents membership provided the sponsoring coalition member is well known and in good standing relationship with the coalition for a minimum period of 1 year. The purpose of this process is too simply to prevent any unknown individual who may have bad intentions towards the goals of the coalition attempting to be disruptive or cause disharmony amongst the membership. In the event it is brought to the attention of the coalition that an independent coalition member is causing dissension within the group and the accusation is verified the independents membership will be revoked.

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